William Kennedy (penter)

William Kennedy (1859–1918) wis a Scots penter associatit wi the Glesgae Schuil.


Spring (Ware), 1882

William Kennedy wis born in Paisley, whare he tendit the Paisley Schuil o Airt. In the early 1880s he muived til Paris, in Fraunce, whaur he tendit the Académie Julian[1] an studied wi airtists sic as Jules Bastien-Lepage, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Raphaël Collin, Gustave-Claude-Etienne Courtois, and Tony Robert-Fleury.[2][3]

He estaiblisht a studio in Stirling an pentit landwarts, an boldly-coloured depictions o Hieland soldiers at Stirlin Castle.[3]

Kennedy becam a kenspeckle member o a group o airtists kent as the Glesgae Boys. In 1887 he wis electit preses o a society formed bi the group's members.[1]

He muived til Berkshire in the 1890s,[2] an til Tangier in 1912, for halth reasons.[1]


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