Administrators are Wikipedians that hae "sysop richts". The Scots Wikipedia policy jist nou is tae grant this access liberally tae onybody that haes bin an active Wikipedia contributor fur a while an is generally a weel kent an trustie member o the community. This warks weel for us sin there's nae mony o us. Policy micht chynge at some later date, whan we hae that mony uisers that we dinna aw ken ane anither. But we doot that'll be a whilie yet.

Pouers o AdminshipEedit

The pouers o adminship is:

  • deletin pages
  • flittin pages ower anes that's aareadies there
  • blockin an unblockin uisers
  • haein the pouer tae edit restrictit pages like Special:AllMessages
  • bein able tae rowback vandalised pages wi ae dab on the moose
  • protectin an unprotectin pages (no muckle ca' for thon on this wiki, cept the main page that wis gettin a lot o vandals afore)

Note that ye hiv tae be a registert uiser tae be an admin -- anonymous IPs canna get admin pouers for obvious reasons.

"This should be no big deal," as Jimmy Wales haes said.