Victor de Broglie, Prince o Broglie

Charles Louis Victor, Prince o Broglie, called Victor de Broglie (22 September 1756 – 27 Juin 1794) wis a French aritocrat, sodger an politeecian. He wis executed in the French Revolution. He wis known as the Prince o Broglie (Prince de Broglie)

Victor de Broglie
Prince o Broglie
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airms o the Prince o Broglie.
Full name
Charles Louis Victor de Broglie
Born22 September 1756
Paris, Fraunce
Dee'd27 Juin 1794
Paris, Fraunce
Spoose(s)Albertine de Staël-Holstein
FaitherVictor François de Broglie
MitherMarie Anne du Bois


He mairit Albertine de Staël-Holstein.


Victor de Broglie, Duke o Broglie (28 November 1785 – 25 Januar 1870)