Van ( Kurdish: WanArmenie: Վան Van,[1] ) is a ceety in sootheastren Turkey an the seat o the Kurdish-majority[2] Van Province, an is locatit on the eastren shore o Lake Van. The ceety's offeecial population in 2010 wis 367,419,[3] but mony estimates put this as hintle heicher wi a 1996 estimate statin 500,000[4] an umwhile Mayor Burhan Yengun quotit as sayin it mey be as heich as 600,000.[5]

A view from Van
A view from Van
Van is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 38°29′39″N 43°22′48″E / 38.49417°N 43.38000°E / 38.49417; 43.38000
 • MayorBekir Kaya (BDP)
 • Total2,289 km2 (884 sq mi)
1730 m (5,680 ft)
 • Total367,419

The Van Central destrict stretches ower 2,289 square kilometers.[6]

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