Validatit numerics

numerical analysis wi mathematically strict error evaluation

Validatit numerics (or reliable computation) is a numerical analysis wi mathematically strict error evaluation[1][2]. I order tae dae sae, a technology callit interval arithmetic is usit[3][4][5]. Validatit numerics is needit for the followin reasons.

  1. It is difficult tae avoid numerical errors i numerical computation, an computation without error evaluation may cause unfortunate results.
  2. It can be appliit tae computer-assistit proofs for mathematical problems (such as pairtial differential equations)[6][7].

Ane o the most known implementation o validatit numerics is INTLAB[2][3][8][9] (Interval Laboratory). INTLAB wis usit tae create other numerical libraries, an it wis also usit tae solve the "Hundred-dollar, Hundred-digit Challenge problems"[10].


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