UK Unthirldom Pairty

The UK Unthirldom Pairty (UKIP, Inglis: UK Independence Party, /ˈjuːkɪp/) is a Eurosceptic an richt-weeng populist poleetical pairty in the Unitit Kinrick.

UK Unthirldom Pairty
LeaderGerard Batten
Deputy LeaderMike Hookem
ChairmanTony Mcyintyre
Deputy ChairmanMargot Parker
Foondit3 September 1993[1]
Precedit biAnti-Federalist League
HeidquartersLexdrum House
Newton Abbot, Devon
Youth weengYoung Unthirldom
Membership  (Mey 2015)Decrease 21,000 [2]
Richt-weeng populism[5]
Economic liberalism[4]
Breetish unionism[6]
Poleetical poseetionRicht-weeng[7]
European affiliationAlliance for Direct Democracy in Europe
European Pairlament groupEurope o Freedom an Direct Democracy
Colours         Purpie, yellae
Hoose o Commons
0 / 650
Hoose o Lairds
3 / 780
European Pairlament
17 / 73
Naitional Assembly for Wales
5 / 60
Northren Ireland Assembly
0 / 108
Lunnon Assembly
2 / 25
Local govrenment[8][9]
108 / 20,565
Scots Pairlament
0 / 129
Polis an Crime Commissioners
0 / 40
Directly-electit Mayors
0 / 17


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