Ulster-Scots fowk

The Ulster-Scots fowk are an ethnic group in Ireland, douned frae Lawland Scots and Inglis fowk, mony o thaim frae the Borders. Thay're the first fowk tae occupee Ireland in the Plantation o Ulster. Nouadays, maist still bide in Ulster, but some bide in Scotland and the Unitit States.

The Provincial flag o Ulster
An Ulster-Scots banner (unofeecial) in Northren Ireland.


Interminglin wi ither Irish fowk hae made it difficult tae tell whit are sindry pairts of the Ulster-Scots cultur.


Ulster-Scots is the main leid o the Ulster-Scots folk. Ulster-Scots is a hamelt leid o the Scots leid, but eneuch sindry frae the 'staundart' leid. It's kent an aw as Ullans, a combination o the wurds Ulster and Lallans.


As wi Scots fowk, the main releegion o the Ulster-Scots fowk is the Kirk o Scotland or ither forms o Presbyterianism, but a curn folk are members o the Kirk o Ireland.


The're estimated tae be aboot 6.53 million Ulster Scots folk in the warld (includin yon o Ulster Scots strynd), 350,000-450,000 o thaim in Ulster the sel o it.

Weel kent Ulster-Scots fowkEedit

  • George Best
  • Ian Paisley
  • Lord Kelvin
  • Henry Joy McCracken

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