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Craigievar Castle, Aiberdeenshire

This is a leet o castles in Scotland. A castle is a teep o fortifee'd structur buggen upon the Middle Ages.

The first castles in Scotland wur bug in the 11t an 12t centuries, whan the Anglo-Normans cam.[1] Thae motte-an-bailey castles wur replacit wi the first stane castles frae thareby 1200.[2][3]

Bi the late 14t century the muckle curtain-waw castles haed began tae yield tae smawer tour hooses (upricht dwallins wi less defences). This teep o biggin conteenad tae be popular wi heritors throu the late 17t century, whan clessical airchitectur cam tae Scotland.

There hae been ower twa thoosand castles in Scotland, athou monie is anerly kent wi historical records. Thay're fund ower aw pairts o the kintra athou the're mair tour hooses an peel tours in the Mairches, an mair muckle Renaissance toor hooses are in the north-east.

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