Twin Peends


The Twin Peends are blate-sized munts approximately 100 fit heich, an tae the soothwast o the Maurs Pathfinder's laundin steid. Thay are juist ower a mile awa an can be seen frae orbeit.

The Maurs Pathfinder laundin steid is at the mooth o Ares Vallis, a lairge ootflowe lade 930 mile lang that tuimt frae the maurtian hielands intil the Chryse Bossie. Vast fluidwatters, sib tae thaim that cairved Ma'adim Vallis, jawed ower this steid several billion year syne. The roondit stanes in the foregrund micht hae been transportit an eroded throu thir fluids. Twin Peends micht hae been eroded bi thir fluidwatters forby.