fowert planet frae the Sun

Maurs is the fowert planet frae the Sun in the Solar seestem. It is cried eftir Maurs, the god o weir in Roman meethologie (the coonterpairt til Ares, the god o weir in Greek meethologie) acause o its reid licht as seen in the hievins at nicht. This featur forby wan it the name o "the Reid Planet". Maurs haes twa muins (Phobos an Deimos) baith smaa an orra-shapit, lyk eneuch bein fangit asteroids. The prefix areo- refers ti Maurs.

Steids on MaursEedit

Maurs in feectionEedit

Maurs haes been in feection for monie a yeir gin anerlie as the stance the invaders cam frae. Stories that taks place on Maurs haes slaw becam mair faur ben – includin Bradbury's Maurtian chronikils.

How come ah loue Maurs

Maurs an the Maurtian folk ur nae feection fur ah kin see thay ur nae feetion. Ma maw kin see the wee folk fur we hae a wee bruid.