Toyonaka (豊中市, Toyonaka-shi) is a ceety locatit in Osaka Prefectur, Japan.


豊中市 · Toyonaka
Official seal of Toyonaka
Location of Toyonaka in Osaka
Location of Toyonaka in Osaka
Coordinates: 34°47′N 135°28′E / 34.783°N 135.467°E / 34.783; 135.467Coordinates: 34°47′N 135°28′E / 34.783°N 135.467°E / 34.783; 135.467
 • MayorKeiichirō Asari
 • Total36.38 km2 (14.05 sq mi)
 (Januar 2010)
 • Total388,633
 • Density10680/km2 (27,700/sq mi)
 • TreeSweet Osmanthus
 • FlouerRose
Time zoneUTC+9 (Japan Staundart Time)
City Hall Address3-1-1 Nakasakurazuka, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka-fu
WebsiteToyonaka Ceety
Ceety Haw o Toyonaka

As o 2010, the ceety haes an estimatit population o 388,633 an a population densitie o 10,680 persons per km². The total aurie is 36.38 km². Its peak population wis ower 420,000.

Toyonaka is a residential aurie o Osaka Prefectur, an includes Senri New Town.

The ceety is easy tae reach through various modes o transportation, an mony o its residents commute daily intae Osaka Ceety tae wirk. Osaka University an Osaka Music College hae their campuses in Toyonaka.

The Consulate-General o Roushie in Osaka is locatit in Toyonaka.[1]


Frae auncient times until the day Toyonaka haes haed a sizable population. The events incitin the Jōkyū War wur relatit tae an event in Toyonaka. A case on a matter atween a favorite lady o the retired emperor Emperor Go-Toba an a local jitō wis wrangly resolvitd, an then the umwhile haed the Emperor redecide the case in her favor.

The ceety wis foondit on 15 October 1936.


Osaka Internaitional Airport is pairtially locatit in Toyonaka includin its terminal, although it is mair commonly associatit wi the ceety o Itami.

The ceety is servit bi the Osaka Monorail (Shibahara Station, Hotarugaike Station, Osaka International Airport), the Midōsuji Line (Senri-Chūō Station) an the Hankyu Takarazuka Line (Ishibashi Station, Hotarugaike Station, Toyonaka Station).

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