Tibú is a Colombie municipality an toun locatit in the depairtment o Norte de Santander.

Municipality an toun
Banner o Tibú
Official seal of Tibú
Location o the municipality an toun o Tibú in the Norte de Santander Depairtment o Colombie.
Location o the municipality an toun o Tibú in the Norte de Santander Depairtment o Colombie.
Coordinates: 8°38′24″N 72°44′17″W / 8.64000°N 72.73806°W / 8.64000; -72.73806
Kintra Colombie
DepairtmentNorte de Santander
FoondationNovember 3, 1977
 • MayorJose Del Carmen Garcia Palacios
 • Total2,696 km2 (1,041 sq mi)
75 m (246 ft)
 (2005 census)
 • Total40,182
 • Density14.9/km2 (39/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (Colombie Staundart Time)


The aurie o present day Tibú wis established as a camp basement bi ile companies who first arrivit in the aurie in 1945. On March 8, 1945 the Cooncil o Cúcuta appruivit the creation o the corregimiento o Tibu. The Catholic Kirk established the San Luis Beltran Mission an aw an later on 25 Mey 1952 established the pairish. The kirk greatly contributit tae the development o the veelage bi designin the first streets an distributin lots for the first hooses an the cathedral.

It wis erectit municipality later on 1 Januar 1977 in the midst o the jungle o the Catatumbo Region an amaist human inhospitable laund atween Colombie an Venezuela.

Colombian Airmit ConflictEedit

The toun an municipalities wur haurdly hit bi the Colombie ceevil war. The aurie haes been a constant dispute atween govrenment forces, the guerrillas o the FARC an ELN an paramilitar groups. On 16 Juin 1996 Unitit Sel-Defence Forces o Colombie members perpetratit the La Gabarra massacre while strugglin for control o the aurie wi FARC.


The municipality o Tibú borders tae the east wi Venezuela, tae the sooth wi the municipalities o Cúcuta an Sardinata, tae the wast wi El Tarra an San Calixto an tae the northwest wi Teorama.