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Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (Frank Lincoln Wright; 8 Juin, 18679 Aprile 1959) wis a famous American airchitect frae the early 20t centurie. He designit aw kinds o biggins includin banks, holiday resorts, office biggins, kirks, a synagogue, a gas station, a beer garden an an airt museum.

Wright designit mair nor 1,000 structurs an completit 532 works. Wright believit in designin structurs which wur in peace wi humanity an its environment. He callit his belief organic airchitectur. He uised this technique for his design for Fallingwater (1935), which has been cried "the best aw-time wirk o American airchitectur". Wright wis a leader o the Prairie School movement o airchitectur an developit the image o the Usonian home, his ane-o-a-kind veesion for urban plannin in the Unitit States.

He began an American style of buildin design an is said tae be one o the greatest airchitects o the twentiet centurie.

Wright wis born in Richland Center, Wisconsin on 8 Juin 1867 tae a fermin faimily.

His work includes oreeginal an creative examples o mony biggin types. Wright an aa designit mony o the interior elements o his biggins, such as the furnitur an stained glass. Wright authorit 20 beuks an mony airticles an wis a popular lecturer in the Unitit States an in Europe.

His colorful personal life eften made heidlines, maist notably for the 1914 fire an murders at his Taliesin studio. Already well-kent durin his lifetime, Wright wis recognizit in 1991 bi the American Institute of Architects as "the greatest American airchitect o aw time."

Wright deit on 9 Aprile, 1959 in Phoenix, Arizona frae surgical complications. He wis 91 years auld.