Türkmenabat (Cyrillic Turkmen: Түркменабат), umwhile Chardzhou (Roushie: Чарджоу, Turkmen: Чәрҗев), an aa spelled Çärjew, Chardjui, Charjou, Chardzhev, Charjev, Chärjew, or Charjew, ancient Amul, is the seicont lairgest ceety in Turkmenistan, caipital o Lebap Province. As o 2009, it haed a population o approximately 253,000 fowk (up frae 161,000 in the 1989 census).

The name Chardjui is Persian (چهارجوی) an means "fower streams".


Türkmenabat is locatit at latitude 39.1014 North; langitude 60.5750 East, at an altitude o 187 meters on the banks o the Amu-Darya River, near the border wi Uzbekistan.


Although nou a modren industrial ceety, Türkmenabat haes a history o ower 2,000 years. The modren ceety wis foondit in 1886, durin the construction o the Trans-Caspian railway. Its role o railway junction an the hie fertility o the Amu-Darya region made it the major trade center for agricultural products in the northeast region o the kintra. The ceety haes fuid processin, textile (cotton processin an silk) factories.

In ancient times, it wis kent as Āmul (tae be distinguished frae the Iranian ceety o Amol). The river Amu Darya is said tae hae been named efter this ceety.

Chardzhou wis Turkmenistan's industrial an transport hub durin the Soviet period, but maist o these relatit jobs an transport opportunities hae been relocatit tae Ashgabat or closed since Turkmenistan's unthrildom.


The ceety is connectit wi the Turkmen caipital Ashgabat bi Turkmenistan Airlines an the M37 hieway an an' a' bi train.


Some 70 kilometers sooth o Türkmenabat in the East Karakum Desert is the Repetek Nature Reserve, famed for its zemzen, or desert crocodiles.

Türkmenabat is unuisual in that it haes a lairge (60%-70%) ethnic Uzbek population, which haes hivily influenced the aurie's cultur an customs.

Polechudes is a pairk whaur fowk celebrate naitional holidays.


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Coordinates: 39°05′N 63°34′E / 39.083°N 63.567°E / 39.083; 63.567

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