Sun Quan (Aboot this soondpronunciation ) (5 July 182 – 21 Mey 252),[a][2] coortesy name Zhongmou, formally kent as Emperor Da o Wu (leeterally "Great Emperor o Wu"), wis the foonder o the state o Eastren Wu in the Three Kinricks period.

Sun Quan
Portrait o Sun Quan bi Yan Liben
Emperor o Eastren Wu
Ring23 Mey 229 – 21 Mey 252
SuccessorSun Liang
Keeng o Wu (吳王)
(as an independent ruler)
RingNovember 222 – 23 Mey 229
Keeng o Wu (吳王)
(as a vassal o Wei)
Tenure23 September 221 – November 222
Marquis o Nanchang (南昌侯)
(unner the Han Empire)
TenurDecember 219 - 23 September 221
Born5 Julie 182(182-07-05)
Han Empire
Dee'd(252-05-21)21 Mey 252 (aged 71)[a]
Jianye, Eastren Wu
BuirialPurpie Muntain
(amang ithers)
Full name
Faimily name: Sun (孫)
Gien name: Quan (權)
Coortesy name Zhongmou (仲謀)
Era dates
  • Huangwu (黃武; 222–229)
  • Huanglong (黃龍; 229–231)
  • Jiahe (嘉禾; 232–238)
  • Chiwu (赤烏; 238–251)
  • Taiyuan (太元; 251–252)
  • Shenfeng (神鳳; 252)
Posthumous name
Emperor Da o Wu (吳大帝)
Temple name
Taizu (太祖)
HooseHoose o Sun
FaitherSun Jian
MitherLady Wu
Sun Quan
"Sun Quan" in Tradeetional (tap) an Semplifee'd (bottom) Cheenese chairacters
Traditional Chinese孫權
Simplified Chinese孙权


  1. a b The Jiankang Shilu recordit that Sun Quan dee'd on the yiwei day o the 4t month o the 2nt year o the Taiyuan era o his ring an that he wis buried in the 7t month o the same year. He becam Keeng o Wu whan he wis 40 an ruled for 7 years, becam Emperor o Wu whan he wis 47 an ruled for 24 years, an dee'd whan he wis 70. (His ages are in terms o East Asie age reckonin.)[1] His death date corresponds to 21 Mey 252, while the 7t month o the 2nt year o Taiyuan corresponds tae 22 August tae 20 September 252 in the Gregorian calendar. As he wis 71 whan he dee'd in 252, bi calculation his year o birth wis 182.


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