The Subaru R2 wis announced in Japan on December 8, 2003, an the R2 name wis inspired bi the Subaru R-2, the kei caur model that wis produced atween 1969 tae 1972.

Subaru R2 (2003-2005)

The R2's exterior reflects influence frae Andreas Zapatinas, who workt at Alfa Romeo afore movin tae Subaru. The R2 is the first production Subaru tae sport a new family leuk, includin the aviation-inspired "spread wings grille" [1] that is an aa uised bi Tribeca an Impreza

The R2's exterior dimensions are lairgely similar tae its predecessor, the Subaru Pleo, but unlike the squarish Pleo, the R2 is deliberately roondit, less space efficient form.

Three variations o the 4-cylinder, 658 cc ingine are available:

Unlike ither Subaru models which uised Boxer ingine, the R2 chooses tae uise inline ingine.

The two lower ingines are available wi either a manual transmission or a CVT. The superchairged ingine is coupled tae a sportshift version o the CVT ("7 speed iCVT"). Baith front wheel drive an aw wheel drive are available.

Initially, the R2 wis available in 11 colors an 3 trim levels (ane for each ingine variation).

On Januar 4, 2005, the Subaru R1 wis introduced, a 2-door version o the R2 wi a shorter body an wheelbase.

In 2006, the R2 got a facelift that is similar design tae Subaru Legacy's grille, removin Tribeca-style front grille.

The Subaru R2 is an' a' a playable secret caur in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune.

The R2 wis discontinued in Mairch 2010.

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