The Subaru R1 wis introduced bi the Japanese caurmaker Subaru on Januar 4, 2005. It wis designed tae fit athin the Japanese kei caur tax bracket.

Subaru R1
Cried an awSubaru R1e
Production2005 - 2010
Bouk an chassis
ClessKei caur
Ingine658cc EN07U I 4
658cc EN07D DOHC AVCS I 4
658cc EN07X DOHC I 4 supercharged (STi)
Wheelbase2,195 mm (86.4 in)
Lenth3,285 mm (129.3 in)
Weenth1,475 mm (58.1 in)
Hicht1,510 mm (59.4 in)
Crib wecht800 kg (1,763.7 lb)

The R1 is a twa-door version o the Subaru R2, but wi a shorter body an wheelbase. The R1 is unuisual in that it daes no uise up the maximum lenth alloued for bi the kei caur regulations—the ae ither kei caurs tae hae done this syne the 1989 Autozam Carol wur the Suzuki Twin an the European Smart Fortwo.

The R1 wis ae available in ane spec level up tae the end o 2005, uisin a 658cc Subaru EN ingine. The ingine is available in three versions: the I wi the EN07U SOHC 34 kW (roughly 46 horsepouer) ingine, the R wi the EN07D DOHC engine rated at 40 kW (54 horsepower) an the STi wi a EN07X superchairged an intercooled ingine ratit at 47 kW (63 horsepouer). The R1 is bein marketit as a personal caur an as a middle-aged couple's seicont caur; a combination o leather an alcantara seating is available. Aw R1s are equipped with a CVT, an aw trim levels are available wi front-wheel drive as well as fower-wheel drive.

In its promotional materials, the R1 is frequently compared tae the Subaru 360, the first production Subaru automobile.

The R1 is the base caur for several vehicles:

  • The Subaru R1e, an experimental battery electric vehicle, currently unnergoin leemitit production for selectit industrial clients in Japan. Thare is intense interest in this vehicle athin the US EV community as it employs Lithium Ion batteries which contribute tae a significant improvement in range, an which can be 80% recharged in juist 15 minutes.
  • The Prodrive P2 concept sports caur.[1]


  • Tomica maks a diecast 1/64 R1, no available in US.
  • Takara maks a Choro Q plastic pull-back R1 no available in US.


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