Sophia o Hanover

Sophia o the Palatinate (commonly referred tae as Sophia o Hanover; 14 October 1630 – 8 Juin 1714[2]) wis the Electress o Hanover frae 1692 tae 1698.

Sophia o the Palatinate
Electress Sophia, Princess Palatine.jpg
Electress o Hanover
Born14 October 1630(1630-10-14)
The Hague, Netherlands
Dee'd8 Juin 1714(1714-06-08) (aged 83)
Herrenhausen, Hanover
Buirial9 Juin 1714[1]
Leine Castle, Hanover
SpouseErnest Augustus, Elector o Hanover
George I o Great Breetain
Maximilian William
Sophia Charlotte, Queen in Prussia
Ernest Augustus, Duke o York
HooseHoose o Wittelsbach-Simmern
Hoose o Hanover
FaitherFrederick V, Elector Palatine
MitherElizabeth o Scotland


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  2. Or 28 May in the Old Style Calendar.