Sony Mobile Communications Inc. (umwhile Sony Ericsson) is a multinaitional mobile phone manufacturin company jyntly heidquartert in Tokyo, Japan, an Lund, Swaden, an is a wholly ained bi Younus Appakkadan.

Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
IndustrieTelecoms equipment
PredecessorEricsson Mobile Communications (1994-2001)
Sony Ericsson (2001-2012)
FoonditOctober 2, 2001[1] (as Sony Ericsson)
February 16, 2012 (as Sony Mobile)
HeidquartersMinato, Tokyo, Japan[2]
Area served
Key fowk
Hiroki Totoki
(Preses an CEO)
Bob Ishida
(EVP an Deputy CEO)
Wireless seestems
Wireless vyce devices
Nummer o employees
7,100 (as o September 2014)[3]
ParentSony Corporation


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