Skyclad is a Fowk metal baund frae Ingland. Mony fowk sees thaim as unco influential in the shapin o the Fowk metal genre, aiblins the maist influential alang wi Bathory. They are cried efter the jaloused auncient pagan practice o dauncin in the scud (i.e. weirin the air for claes).


The baund wis stairted in 1990 bi Martin Walkyier an Steve Ramsey. The twa ettelt tae mak a pagan metal baund, an set tae recruitin members. They set furth their first record the neist year, an for the first twa-three year wis proleefic in their ootpit, maugre the heich nummers o fowk passin in an oot the line-up. The want o stabeelity made tourin gey teuch, tho in 1995 they toured wi Black Sabbath.

Walkyier quat the baund in 2001, an mony fans dreidit that, haen tint ane o their foondin members an their heidmaist leeracist, the baund wad suin spleet. This didna happen, but, tho it teuk the baund three year tae set furth new material (the time atween 2001 an 2004 bein taen up wi live records, re-recordins an compilations). Sinsyne the baund haes conteenad tae set furth new records an tour extensive.

Muisical an Leerical ChairacteristicsEedit

The baund tae the maist pairt plays Thrash metal jyned thegither wi fowk elements, tho mair rock an prog. stylins haes been merkit in their muisic an aw. Leericaly, the baund is gey byordinar amang fowk metal baunds in that they sing anent social issues an politics raither nor fantasy an drinkin. Their politics is for ordinar libertarian an left-wing, but no aye. For exemplar the sang Ten Little Kingdoms frae the album A Semblance of Normality (2004) is agin devolution.

Mony o their sang an album titles is puns or wird-plays o some kynd.



  • The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth (1991)
  • A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol (1992)
  • Jonah's Ark (1993)
  • Prince of the Poverty Line (1994)
  • The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea (1995)
  • Irrational Anthems (1996)
  • Oui Avant-Garde a Chance (1996)
  • The Answer Machine? (1997)
  • Vintage Whin (1999)
  • Folkémon (2000)
  • A Semblance of Normality (2004)
  • In the... All Together (2009)
  • Forward into the Past (2017)

Compilation an live albumsEedit

  • Old Rope Compilation (1996)
  • History Lessens Compilation (2001)
  • Another Fine Mess Live Album (2001)
  • Poetic Wisdom Compilation (Limited tour Greek edition) (2001)
  • No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps Compilation/Re-Raicordin (2002)
  • Live at the Dynamo Compilation/Live Album (2002)

Singles an EPsEedit

  • Tracks from the Wilderness EP (1992)
  • Thinking Allowed? Single (1993)
  • utrageous Fourtunes Leemited Edition EP (1998)
  • Classix Shape Leemited Edition EP [[1999)
  • Swords of a Thousand Men Single [[2001)
  • Jig-a-Jig Leemited Edition EP (2006)



  • Kevin Ridley - Vocals, Guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Steve Ramsey - Lead guitar, acoustic guitar an backgrund vocals
  • Graeme English - Bass guitar, acoustic an clessical guitar
  • Georgina Biddle - Fiddle, keybuird an pianae
  • Arron Walton - Drums an percussion

Umwhile MembersEedit

  • Jay Graham - Drums
  • Martin Walkyier -Vocals
  • Nick Acons - Guitar, Veeolin
  • John Leonard - Flute, Mandolin
  • Mitch Oldham - Drums
  • Dave Moore - Session-Guitar
  • Paul AT Kinson Archived 2009-10-12 at the Wayback Machine
  • Paul Smith - Drums
  • Dave Ray - Guitar
  • Jed Dawkins - Drums
  • Keith Baxter - Drums
  • Dave Pugh - Guitar
  • Fritha Jenkins - Veeolin
  • Cath Howell - Veeolin
  • Danny Porter - Session-Guitar

Fremmit AirtinsEedit