Sirdaryo Region

Sirdarya Province (Uzbek: Sirdaryo viloyati, Сирдарё вилояти) is a viloyat (province) o Uzbekistan, locatit in the centre o the kintra on the left bank o Syr Darya River. It borders wi Kazakhstan, Tajikstan, Tashkent Province an Jizzakh Province. It covers an aurie o 5,100 km², an is maistly desert, wi the Starving Steppe takkin up a significant pairt o the province's aurie. The population is estimatit tae be aroond 648,100.



Syrdaryo Province is dividit intae 9 admeenistrative destricts. The caipital is the ceety o Guliston (pop. est. 54,000 indwallers). Ither ceeties an touns include Baxt, Boyovut, Farhod, Qahramon, Sayhun, Sirdaryo, Shirin an Yangiyer.


The climate is a teepically arid continental climate wi extreme differences atween winter an simmer temperaturs.


The economy is based on cotton an cereal crops, wi strang reliance on irrigation an on cattle breedin. Minor crops include forage plants, vegetables, melons, gourds, potatoes, maize, a variety o fruit an grapes. Industry consists o construction materials, irrigation equipment an raw-cotton processin.

Srydarya contains ane o Uzbekistan's lairgest hydroelectric pouer plants, which generates ane third o the kintra's electricity.