Sierra Sur de Oaxaca

Sierra Sur is a region in the state o Oaxaca, Mexico. It includes the destricts o Putla, Sola de Vega, Miahuatlán an Yautepec. Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz is the lairgest ceety.[1] The region haes 70 municipalities, some vera poor, such as Zanizá, Amoltepec an Los Loxichas.

Sierra Sur
Oaxaca regions - Sierra Sur towards the sooth.
Oaxaca regions - Sierra Sur towards the sooth.
Coordinates: 19°42′0″N 96°52′0″W / 19.70000°N 96.86667°W / 19.70000; -96.86667
Kintra Mexico
 • Total15493 km2 (5,982 sq mi)


Landscape o the Sierra Sur. Fog banks are frequent throughout the year.

The region is muntainous, alang the soothren edge o the Sierra Madre del Sur, an includes Quiexoba, the seicont heichest muntain in the state. Forest resources are still important, in maugre o haein suffered ower-exploitation for decades, an include pines, mixed forests o aik an pine, fir, an auries o hormiguillo cacti. Fauna include opossums, armadillos, deer, rabbit an gopher.

The climate is variet, rangin frae het an humid tae temperate humid. The average temperatur is 10°C tae 22°C atooer the region. Average rainfaw ranges frae 800 tae 2000mm annually.



Forestry is the main economic activity, wi ilka commonty managin their forests an sellin the logs tae private mills. Agricultural production includes maize an beans, succarcane an coffee. Livestock fermin maistly consists o backyard breedin o chickens, gaits, pigs an mules. Sma factories produce castor ile an process mica. The region haes deposits o iron an magnetite. Craft products include spirits an mezcal, palm products an cotton guids.

Cultural Groups

La Sierra Sur is representit bi the Putla dance at the Guelaguetza festival.

The region's inhabitants are Zapotec, Mixtec, Chatinos, Amuzgo, Triques an mestizos, as weel as emigrants frae ither pairts o Mexico. Syne pre-Hispanic times, thare haes been conflict atween rival ethnic groups.


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