Sia (sangster)

Australian sangster-sangwriter

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler (Inglis pronunciation: /ˈsiːə/, SEE; born 18 December 1975 in Adelaide) is an Australian sangster, sangwriter, record producer an muisic video director.[1] She stairtit her career as a sangster in the acid jazz baund Crisp in the mid-1990s in Adelaide. In 1997, whan Crisp disbaundit, she released her debut studio album teetled OnlySee in Australie, but it did nae sell weel. She muvit to Lunnon, an providit lead vocals fae the Breetish duo Zero 7.

Sia performing in Seattle, Washington 2011
Background information
Birth nameSia Kate Isobelle Furler
Born (1975-12-18) 18 December 1975 (age 48)
Adelaide, Sooth Australie, Australie
OreiginSooth Australie
Muisical career
Years active1993–present
Associate acts

In 2000, Sia releasit her seicont studio album, Healing Is Difficult, the follaein year, but wis displeased wi the promotion o the record. She released her next studio album, Colour the Small One, in 2004, but it struggled tae connect wi a mainstream audience. Sia relocatit tae New York Ceety in 2005 an toured in the Unitit States. Her fowert an fift studio albums, Some People Have Real Problems an We Are Born, war released in 2008 an 2010, respectively. She teuk a hiatus frae performin, in that she focused on sangwritin for ither airtists, producin successfu collaborations "Titanium" (wi David Guetta), "Diamonds" (wi Rihanna) an "Wild Ones" (wi Flo Rida).

In 2014, Sia feenally brak throu as a solo recordin airtist whan her saxt studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear, debuted at No 1 in the U.S. Billboard 200 an generatit the tap-ten single "Chandelier" an a trilogy o muisic videos starnin bairn dancer Maddie Ziegler. In 2016, she released her seivent studio album This Is Acting, that spawned her first Hot 100 nummer ane single, "Cheap Thrills". The same year, Sia gae her Nostalgic for the Present Tour, that incorporatit performance airt elements. Amang the accolades received bi Sia are ARIA Awairds an an MTV Video Music Awaird.[2]


  • OnlySee (1997)
  • Healing Is Difficult (2001)
  • Colour the Small One (2004)
  • Some People Have Real Problems (2008)
  • We Are Born (2010)
  • 1000 Forms of Fear (2014)
  • This Is Acting (2016)
  • Everyday Is Christmas (2017)
  • Music – Songs from and Inspired by the Motion Picture (2021)
  • Reasonable Woman (2024)


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