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In Inglis an Scots, the term Saxon (frae German Sachse) maist typically denotes a member o the confederation o auncient Germanic fowks that invaded or migrated to Sub-Roman Breetain, durin the Late Antiquity period; an/or to their descendants. (See Völkerwanderung). It mey refer tae a present-day inhabitant o ony o the three states o Germany which bear the name Saxony [Sachsen] forby: Lawer Saxony, Saxony, an Saxony-Anhalt.

Saxon mey refer tae:

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  • Saxon-Sion, commune in the Meurthe-et-Moselle depairtment o northeastren Fraunce
Unitit States

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Film eedit

  • Saxon (film), 2007 independent Breetish film, bi Greg Loftin

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  • England Saxons, current name o that country's "A" (seicont-level) men's naitional rugby union team

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