San Salvador, Entre Ríos

human settlement in Argentinae

San Salvador is a ceety in the province o Entre Ríos, Argentinae. It haes 13,228 indwallers per the 2010 census [INDEC], an is the heid toun o the San Salvador Depairtment. It is locatit on the center-east o the province, bi Naitional Route 18, aboot 48 km wast o the Uruguay River an 205 km east frae the provincial caipital Paraná. The ceety is kent as the 'Naitional Caipital o Rice'.

San Salvador
Capital Nacional del Arroz
San Salvador is located in Argenteinie
San Salvador
San Salvador
Location o San Salvador in Argentinae
Coordinates: 31°37′S 58°30′W / 31.617°S 58.500°W / -31.617; -58.500Coordinates: 31°37′S 58°30′W / 31.617°S 58.500°W / -31.617; -58.500
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceEntre Ríos
DepairtmentSan Salvador
Foondit biMiguel Pedro A. Malarín
 • MayorLucas Larrarte (PJ)
 • Total6.22 km2 (2.40 sq mi)
 • Total13,228
 • Density2,100/km2 (5,500/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)
CPA base
Dialin code+54 345
WebsiteOffeecial Steid (spaingie)


The toun wis foondit on 25 Dizember 1889 bi the lawyer Miguel Malarín. The focal pynt o the dounset wis the Malarín faimily hame, cried Villa Aurora, efter the mither o the foonder, Aurora Saint-Sauveur. The name o the toun wis a homage tae her an aw, as San Salvador is the Spaingie leeteral translation o the French surname Saint-Sauveur. Colonists brocht agricultur tae the aurie (wheat, linseed, corn, sunflouer, an later sorghum). Rice crops wur plantit first in 1932 an became popular, spreadin tae the whole province.


The San Salvador Depairtment haes rice as its tradeetional crop, an the ceety o San Salvador is nou kent as the Naitional Caipital o Rice. The aurie hosts industries an aw producin larrie chassis, agricultural machines, aluminium wirks, pumps, an rice mills.


Naitional Museum o Rice IndustryEedit

The Museum displays the entire history o rice industry in Argentinae. Is ane o the three museums dedicatit tae the rice in the warld.