The Saône (French pronunciation: ​[soːn];[1] Arpitan Sona) is a river o eastren Fraunce. It is a richt tributary o the River Rhône. Risin at Vioménil in the Vosges depairtment, it jyns the Rhône in Lyon.

Saône (Sona)
The Saône in Lyon bi nicht.
Kintras Fraunce, Swisserland
 - left Doubs, Lanterne
 - right Azergues, Morgon
Soorce Vioménil
 - location Vosges
 - elevation 392 m (1,286 ft)
 - coordinates 48°05′40″N 6°10′55″E / 48.094444°N 6.181944°E / 48.094444; 6.181944
Mooth Rhône
 - location Lyon, France
 - elevation 158 m (518 ft)
 - coordinates 45°43′39″N 4°49′4″E / 45.72750°N 4.81778°E / 45.72750; 4.81778Coordinates: 45°43′39″N 4°49′4″E / 45.72750°N 4.81778°E / 45.72750; 4.81778
Lenth 473 km (294 mi)
Area 29,950 km2 (11,564 sq mi)
 - average 410 m3/s (14,479 cu ft/s)
Scenic view o the banks o the Saône in Lyon, shawin Lyon Cathedral, the Basilica o Notre-Dame de Fourvière, an the Tour métallique de Fourvière

The name "Saône" derives frae that o the Gallic river goddess Souconna, which haes also been connectit wi a local Celtic tribe, the Sequanes. Monastic copyists progressively transformed "Souconna" tae "Saoconna", which ultimately gae rise tae "Saône". The ither recordit auncient names for the river wur Brigoulus an Arar.


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