Ryoko Tani


Ryoko Tani (谷 亮子, Tani Ryōko, née Tamura (田村), born September 6, 1975 in Fukuoka, Fukuoka) is a Japanese female umwhile judoka an current (2012) politeecian.

Ryoko Tani
Medal record
Weemen's Judo
Representin  Japan
Olympic Gemmes
Gowd medal – first place 2000 Sydney - 48kg
Gowd medal – first place 2004 Athens - 48kg
Siller medal – seicont place 1992 Barcelona - 48kg
Siller medal – seicont place 1996 Atlanta - 48kg
Bronze medal – third place 2008 Beijing - 48kg
Warld Championships
Gowd medal – first place 1993 Hamilton -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 1995 Chiba -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 1997 Paris -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 1999 Birmingham -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 2001 Munich -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 2003 Osaka -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 2007 Rio de Janeiro -48 kg
Bronze medal – third place 1991 Barcelona -48 kg
Asie Gemmes
Gowd medal – first place 1994 Hiroshima -48 kg
Asian Championships
Bronze medal – third place 1991 Osaka -48 kg
Gowd medal – first place 1995 Fukuoka -48 kg

She uised tae wirk for Toyota Motor Corporation.


She is commonly kent as 'Yawara-chan'or 'Tawara' (frae the title character o Yawara!, a popular judo manga). Syne she wan the Internaitional Weemen's Judo Championships in 1990, 'Yawara-chan' haes gone on tae win the event every year.[citation needit] She haes a record seven warld titles an she brocht home the 48 kg-category gowd medal frae Sydney Olympics in 2000 an the Athens Olympics in 2004.

Her 84-match winnin streak wis finally broken in 1996 bi North Korea's Kye Sun Hui. She haulds a fourth dan.

In 2003, she married Yoshitomo Tani, an Olympian an professional basebaw player then wi the Orix Blue Wave (nou wi the Yomiuri Giants). The weddin reception reportedly cost $3 million.[1]

In Beijing in 2008 Tani, who haed nae been beaten in a major internaitional competition syne the Atlanta Gemmes in 1996, saw her hopes o a third-straicht gowd evaporate when judges awairded penalty pynts tae Romanie's Alina Dumitru efter baith competitors failed tae shaw much aggression. Leukin stunned, Tani foucht desperately efter the final controversial penalty caw, but wi only seiconts left she haed no time tae munt an attack.[2]

She defeatit Roushie's Lyudmila Bogdanova for bronze. She gained her fifth Olympic medal wi the bronze.

Along wi Cuba's Driulys González an Australie's Mária Pekli, Tani acame in 2008 the first female judoka tae compete at five Olympics. The only ether judokas tae compete at five Olympics are Belgian Robert Van de Walle an Puerto Rican judoka-bobsledder Jorge Bonnet.

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