2004 Simmer Olympics

The 2004 Simmer Olympic Gemmes, offeecially kent as the Games o the XXVIII Olympiad, wur a premier internaitional multi-sport event held in Athens, Greece, frae 13 tae 29 August 2004 wi the motto Walcome Hame. 10,625 athletes competit,[1] some 600 mair nor expected, accompanied bi 5,501 team offeecials frae 201 kintras.[1] Thare wur 301 medal events in 28 different sports.[1] Athens 2004 marked the first time syne the 1996 Simmer Olympics that aw kintras wi a Naitional Olympic Committee wur in attendance. It wis the first time syne 1896 (ither nor the syne-doungradit 1906 Intercalated Gemmes) that the Olympics wur held in Greece an aa.

Gemmes o the XXVIII Olympiad
Host ceetyAthens, Greece
Naitions pairteecipatin201[1]
Athletes pairteecipatin10,625 (6,296 men, 4,329 women)[2]
Events301 in 28 sports
Appenin ceremonyAugust 13
Closin ceremonyAugust 29
Athlete's OathZoi Dimoschaki
Judge's OathLazaros Voreadis
Olympic TorchNikolaos Kaklamanakis
StadiumOlympic Stadium

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