Rosalind Hicks

Dochter o Agatha Christie

Rosalind Margaret Clarissa Hicks (nee Christie; 5 August 1919 – 28 October 2004). Dauchter tae Agatha Christie an her first husband Archibald Christie. Efter Christie's deith in 1976, she wirkit tae keep an mak her mither’s reputation as a literary figure mair strang, an tae pertect the integrity o her wirks.


Efter her deith in 2004, Rosalind Hicks wis survived bi her seicont husband, an her son Mathew Prichard. Rosalind deed at the same age her mither deed, 85 year auld. At the time o her death, it wis reportit thit her estate haed a vailyie o 600 mulȝeon poond an thit Prichard, thit awnt the richts tae Christie's record-breakin play The Mousetrap wis the principal heir. He bides in Wales wi his seicont wife.

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