Urr Watter

(Reguidit frae River Urr)

Urr Watter, Watter o Urr, or River Urr is a river that flowes in the historical coonties o Dumfriesshire an Kirkcoubrieshire in soothwast Scotland.

The Urr Watter as it flowes unner Auld Ramhill Brig (1798-1800) and New Ramhill Brig (1972) on the A75 near Castle Douglas in Kirkcoubrieshire

Coorse eedit

Enteerly within Dumfries an Gallowa, the Urr Watter oreeginates at Loch Urr an flowes for 35 mile soothwart past Corsock, Glenlair, Auchendolly, Brig o Urr, The Hauch, an close tae Dawbeattie via Palnackie til the Solway Firth at Rough Firth. The veelage o Scaur (Kippford) staunds near the heid o the firth whaur the Urr Watter reaks the sea; the anely ither coastal sattlement o ony size is Rockcliffe. The principal sattlement on the watter is Dawbeattie. The watter is kenspeckelt for saumon fishin.[1]

Etymology eedit

The name 'Urr' is fae the Cumbric leid or meanin "a mairch, a boond, a leemit".[2]

Gailerie eedit

Urr Watter
Urr Watter mooth

References eedit

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Coordinates: 54°50′N 3°50′W / 54.833°N 3.833°W / 54.833; -3.833