Renée Simonot

French actress of stage and screen

Renée Simonot (10 September 1911 - 11 July 2021) was a French actress. She wis married tae actor Maurice Dorléac, an is the mither o actresses Catherine Deneuve an Françoise Dorléac, an grandmither o actors Christian Vadim an Chiara Mastroianni.

Renée Simonot
Renée Deneuve
BornJeanne Renée Deneuve
10 September 1911(1911-09-10)
Le Havre, Fraunce
Dee'd11 Julie 2021(2021-07-11) (aged 109)
  • Stage actress
  • voice artist
  • film actress
Years active1918–2001
Hauf-marrae(s)Maurice Dorléac
(m. 1940; d. 1979)
Bairns4, including Françoise Dorléac an Catherine Deneuve
KinChristian Vadim (guidson)
Chiara Mastroianni (guiddaughter)

Personal life an career eedit

Born Jeanne Renée Deneuve in Le Havre, Fraunce. She debuted at the Odeon Theatre in 1918 at the age o 7. Primarily a stage actress, she remained there for 28 years, hauldin the post o "leading lady". Her dochter Catherine chose tae uise her maiden name, Deneueve, as her stage name. Simonot is Renée's stage name, which she teuk frae a opera sangster an faimily friend.[1]

Renée Simonot wis ane o the first French actresses tae begin the dubbing o American films in Fraunce frae the beginnin o the talkies in 1929 throu the 1930s. She wis the voice o Olivia de Havilland (in maist o her films), Sylvia Sidney, Judy Garland an Esther Williams, amang ithers. She met Maurice Dorléac while dubbin for MGM, that she marriet in 1940 an she haed three dochters: Françoise in 1942, Catherine in 1943, an Sylvie in 1946. She, wi actor Aimé Clariond, haed a dochter Danielle an aw, born in 1937.[2][3]

Simonot deed in Paris in Julie 2021 at the age o 109.[4][5]

Select Theatre eedit

  • 1921 Les Misérables Paul Meurice and Charles Hugo based on the novel by Victor Hugo, Odeon Theatre
  • 1922: Henry Dupuy-Molière and Jean-José Mazuel Frappa, directed Gémier Firmin, Odeon Theatre
  • 1928 La Belle Aventure Gaston Arman de Caillavet, Robert de Flers, Stephen Rey, Odeon Theatre
  • 1932: The Favorite Martial Piéchaud, Odeon Theatre
  • 1934: Joan of Arc in Saint-Georges de Bouhélier, Odeon Theatre

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