Río Negro Province

Río Negro (Spaingie pronunciation: [ˈri.o ˈneɣɾo], Black River) is a province o Argentinae, locatit at the northren edge o Patagonie. Neebourin provinces are frae the sooth clockwise Chubut, Neuquén, Mendoza, La Pampa an Buenos Aires. Tae the east lees the Atlantic Ocean.

Río Negro
Banner o Río Negro
Official seal of Río Negro
Coordinates: 40°48′S 63°00′W / 40.800°S 63.000°W / -40.800; -63.000
Kintra Argentinae
Diveesions13 depairtments
 • GovrenorArabela Carreras
 • SenatorsMartín Doñate, Silvina García Larraburu, Alberto Weretilneck
 • Total203013 km2 (78,384 sq mi)
 • Total638,645
 • Rank15t
 • Density3.1/km2 (8.1/sq mi)
Time zoneART
ISO 3166 codeAR-R

Its caipital is Viedma. Ither important ceeties include the ski resort toun o Bariloche, Cipolletti an General Roca.

Poleetical diveesion eedit

Poleetical diveesion o the northren Patagonie; caipital ceeties an heids o depairtments labeled, naitional roads an main rivers.

The province is dividit intae 13 departments:

Depairtment (Caipital)

Source for depairtment names:[2]

See an aw eedit

View o Lake Nahuel Huapi an the ceety o Bariloche.

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