(Reguidit frae Prophet Muhammad)

Muhammad (Arabic: محمد‎ (or sometimes Muhammad ibn Abdullah an an' a' transliteratit as Muhammed, Mohammad or Mohammed) (ca. 26 Apryle 570 – 8 Juin 632), wis the foonder o the releegion o Islam. an is considered bi Muslims tae be a messenger an prophet o God, the last law-bearer in a series o Islamic prophets, an, bi maist Muslims, the last prophet o God as taught bi the Quran. Muslims thus consider him the restorer o an uncorruptit oreeginal monotheistic faith (islām) o Adam, Noah, Aubraham, Moses, Jesus an ither prophets. He wis an aa active as a social reformer, diplomat, merchand, philosopher, orator, legislator, militar leader, humanitarian, philanthropist, an, accordin tae Muslim belief, an agent o divine action.

The name Muhammad written in Islamic calligrafie.