Preses o the Scots Pairlament

The Preses (Inglis: Presiding Officer, Scots Gaelic: Oifigear-Riaghlaidh) is the bodie waled bi the Memmers o the Scots Pairlament tae preside ower thair convenes.[1] Thay ar the heid o the corporate bodie o the Scots Pairlament an aa, an acause o this thay ar thocht o as a figurheid for the hail organisation. Twa depute preses is waled tae help fulfil the role.

The memmer waled as Preses is expectit tae gie up thair pairty allegiance for the hail time that thay'r "in the cheer". Depute Preses disna gie up votin richts unless thay'r in the cheer at Deceision Time, but the Preses thairsel niver haes votin richts in the Pairlament. Altho haein ane o thair CSPs waled as Preses syne means that thay tyne a vote in the Pairlament, monie o the pairties (includin the smaaer anes) in the Scots Pairlament aye awidlie pit forrit thair ain candidate for the post.

The first bodie tae haud the poseition wis David Steel, waled in 1999; he wis follaed bi George Reid in 2003.

References eedit

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