Polizzi Generosa

toun an comune (population 4,530) in the Province o Palermo on the island o Sicily

Polizzi Generosa (Sicilian: Pulizzi) is a toun an comune (population 4,530) in the Province o Palermo on the island o Sicily, soothren Italy. The toun sits in the hills at 917 metre (3,009 ft) abuin sea level.

Polizzi Generosa
Comune di Polizzi Generosa
Polizzi Generosa is located in Italy
Polizzi Generosa
Polizzi Generosa
Location o Polizzi Generosa in Italy
Coordinates: 37°48′N 13°59′E / 37.800°N 13.983°E / 37.800; 13.983
ProvincePalermo (PA)
 • MayorSalvatore Glorioso (syne 27 Mey 2003)
 • Total134.33 km2 (51.87 sq mi)
917 m (3,009 ft)
 (December 31, 2004)
 • Total4,530
 • Density34/km2 (87/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Dialin code0921
Patron sauntSan Gandolfo
WebsiteOffeecial wabsteid


The steid o Polizzi haes traces o human presence syne the 6t hunderyear BC, airchaeological fyndins includin coins frae Himera, Carthaginian remains an a Hellenistic necropolis. In the 4t hunderyear it wis a Carthaginian fortress occupied bi mercenars frae Campanie.

The toun probably developit as a population centre in the late Middle Ages, growin aroond the castle built bi the Norman Coont o Sicily Roger I in 1076.

Notable fowkEedit

Fowk wi connections tae Polizzi Generosa include:

  • Film directors Martin Scorsese an Antonia Scarpa as well as character actor Vincent Schiavelli, came frae the toun. Schiavelli wis a food an ceukbeuk writer who wrote aboot Polizzi Generosa an his ruits in Many Beautiful Things: Stories and Recipes from Polizzi Generosa an aw.[1] He wis also buried thare when he dee'd.
  • The writer, jurnalist an leeterar critic Giuseppe Antonio Borgese oreeginally came frae the toun.
  • Fashion designer Domenico Dolce, ane hauf o the Dolce & Gabbana clothin company, wis born in the toun.
  • Catholic cardinal Mariano Rampolla wis born in Polizzi Generosa.
  • Valentina Tereshkova, the first wumman tae flee in space, wis awairdit honorar ceetizenship o Polizzi Generosa.



  1. Many beautiful things : stories and recipes from Polizzi Generosa by Vincent Schiavelli (2002 - ISBN 0-7432-1528-1)

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