Peugeot is a major French caur brand, pairt o Stellantis, the seicont lairgest carmaker based in Europe.

Peugeot S.A.
Foondit1810 as a coffee mill company
1830 as a bicycle manufacturer
1882 as a car manufacturer
1898 as a motorcycle company
1926 as a separate company
FoonderArmand Peugeot
HeidquartersLegal and top level administrative: Ave de la Grande Armée, Paris[1]
Operational: Sochaux, Fraunce
Key fowk
Carlos Tavares (CEO)
Jean-Pierre Ploue (heid o design)
Production ootpit
1,739,000[2] (2009)
Increase 1,202 million (2015)[3]
Nummer o employees
198,210 (2010) (PSA Peugeot Citroën total)[4]
DiveesionsPeugeot Motorcycles
Peugeot Cycles
Peugeot Sport
Peugeot 6HP Vis-à-vis 1898

The faimily business that precedes the current Peugeot company wis foondit in 1810. On 20 November 1858, Emile Peugeot applee'd for the lion trademark. The company producit its first automobile in 1891. Due tae faimily discord, Armand Peugeot in 1896 foondit the Société des Automobiles Peugeot.

Peugeot's roots go back tae 19t-century coffee mill an bicycle manufacturing. The Peugeot company an faimily is oreeginally frae Sochaux, France. Peugeot retains a lairge manufacturin plant an Peugeot Museum thare. It sponsors the Sochaux fitbaa club an aw, foondit in 1928 bi a member o the Peugeot faimily.

The name is pronooncit [pøˈʒo] in French, but teepically /ˈpɝːʒoʊ/ (PUR-zhoh) in the UK.


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