Pedraza, Magdalena

Pedraza (Spaingie pronunciation: [peˈðɾasa]) is a toun an municipality o the Colombie Depairtment o Magdalena.

Location o the municipality an toun o Pedraza in the Depairtment o Magdalena.
Location o the municipality an toun o Pedraza in the Depairtment o Magdalena.
 • Total7,865
Time zoneUTC-5


Pedraza wis foundit in 1791 bi Pablo José Torregrosa. On 9 Dizember 1908, bi Executive Decree 1312, Pedraza became a municipality o Magdalena.

Geografie an climateEedit

Pedraza's contours are slichtly plane wi certaint undulations as heich as 120 meters.


Localizit near the ciénaga de Cocore, ciénaga de La Brava, ciénaga de La Palma, ciénaga de Pajaral, ciénaga de Pato, ciénaga de Zapayan, ciénaga de Zarzal an ciénaga de Molino. The streams o Cerezos, Iguanera, Jeremías, La Soledad, Los Coquitos an Patos flow throu the aurie o Pedraza an aw.

Poleetical diveesionEedit

Corregimientos an caseríos:

  • Bahía Honda
  • Bomba
  • Guaiquirí
  • Heredia.


Pedraza's main economic activity is fermin wi a emphasis on breedin fermstockin sic as cattle, pork, equines, gaits, an mules. Agricultur production is pairt o its economy an aw, predominantly yuca, corn, tomato, beans. Airtisan fishin is practicit on the mony mairshes an streams in the aurie an aw.


Pedraza affers ecotourism steids surroondin Ciénaga La Brava an Riveras del Río.

Historical steidsEedit

Iglesia San Pablo (Saunt Peter kirk), Antiguo Palacio Municipal (Umwhile Ceety Haw Palace) an the Parque Central (central pairk).


The toun celebrates Carnivals frae Februar throu Mairch, while pairticipatin o the holy week an aw, Fiesta de la Conversión de San Pablo (Saunt Peter's Conversion Feast) ivery 25 Januar an the Día del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús (The Sacred Hert o Jesus Day) ivery 14 Juin.


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