Peñalolén (Mapudungun "fraternal meetin place") is a Chilean commune in Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region. It wis foondit on 15 November 1984.

Avenida Grecia, looking to west
Avenida Grecia, looking to west
Coat o airms
Coat airms
Map o Peñalolén commune in Greater Santiago
Map o Peñalolén commune in Greater Santiago
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Coordinates (city): 33°29′S 70°33′W / 33.483°S 70.550°W / -33.483; -70.550
RegionSantiago Metro.
 • TeepMunicipality
 • AlcaldeClaudio Orrego Larraín (PDC)
 • Total54.2 km2 (20.9 sq mi)
 (2002 Census)[3]
 • Total216,060
 • Density4,000/km2 (10,000/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Landwart aurie
 • Men105,528
 • Weemen110,532
Time zoneUTC-4 (CLT [4])
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (CLST [5])
Area code(s)56 +
WebsiteMunicipality o Peñalolén


Accordin tae the 2002 census o the Naitional Statistics Institute, Peñalolén spans an aurie o 54.2 km2 (21 sq mi) an haes 216,060 inhabitants (105,528 men an 110,532 weemen), makkin the commune an entirely urban aurie. The population grew bi 20.2% (36,279 bodies) atween the 1992 an 2002 censuses.[3]

  • Aurie: 54.2 km²[6]
  • Population: 238,177 (2006 projection)[6]
  • Average annual hoosehauld income: US$23,856 (PPP, 2006)[6]
  • Population belaw poverty line: 8.7% (2006)[7]
  • Regional quality o life index: 74.35, medium, 26 oot o 52 (2005)
  • Human Development Index: 0.743, 52 oot o 341 (2003)[8]


As a commune, Peñalolén is a third-level admeenistrative diveesion o Chile admeenistered bi a municipal cooncil, heidit bi an alcalde who is directly electit ivery fower years. The 2008-2012 alcalde is Claudio Orrego Larraín (PDC).[1][2]


Syne 1984, Peñalolén haes haed sax mayors:

  • María Angélica Cristi (1984–1989, appointit bi Pinochet)
  • Carlos Alarcón (1989–1993, appointit bi Aylwin)
  • Carlos Echeverría (1993–1996)
  • Carlos Alarcón (1997–2004)
  • Claudio Orrego (2004-2012)
  • Carolina Leitao (2012-present)

Athin the electoral diveesions o Chile, Peñalolén is representit in the Chamber o Deputies bi Enrique Accorsi (PPD) an María Angélica Cristi (UDI) as pairt o the 24t electoral destrict, (thegither wi La Reina). The commune is representit in the Senate bi Soledad Alvear (PDC) an Pablo Longueira (UDI) as pairt o the 8t senatorial constituency (Santiago-East).



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