Parabellum (baund)

Parabellum wur a Colombie extreme metal baund frae Medellín active in the 1980s. The baund wis describit bi Terrorizer magazine as ane o the warld's first black metal baunds, as well as the first extreme metal baund frae Colombie an ane o the vera first frae aw o Sooth Americae.[1] Accordin tae writer Emilio Cuesta, Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth—a muisicker associatit wi the early Norse black metal scene—haes said Parabellum an Medellín's Reencarnación wur baith influential tae his awn baund Mayhem.[2]

OreiginMedellín, Colombie
GenresBlack metal, daith metal
Years active1983–1988
LabelsDiscos Fuentes, Sonolux
Associate actsBlasfemia
Past membersRamón Reinaldo Restrepo
Carlos Mario Pérez
John Jairo Gutiérrez
Cipriano Álvarez

Parabellum wur formit in Medellín, Antioquia, in early 1983 bi drummer Cipriano Álvarez an guitarist Carlos Mario Pérez. It teuk the baund till 1987 tae release their debut single, the twa track Sacrilegio, limitit tae 500 copies.[3] This wis follaeed up wi a seicont EP, Mutacion Por Radiacion, in 1988, limitit tae 600 copies. Sacrilegio wis reissued in 1992, again limitit tae 500 copies, an a buitleggit version surfacit wi an addit third track ("Guerro, Monopolio, Sexo").[3] Adam Ganderson o Terrorizer describes their muisic as "somewhere between hardcore and bizarrely backwards speed metal riffing ... one of those inimitable sounds that can only be generated by accident. Seriously, this is some of the weirdest, most intense music ever to blast from the gutters."[1] The baund maks a brief appearance in Victor Gaviria's film Rodrigo D: No Future an aw.[1]

Blasefemia Records released the Tempus Mortis compilation in 2005, which consists o the baund's twa EPs, sax previously unreleased rehearsal tracks frae 1984-1985, an a video track frae the 1985 La Batalla de la Bandas festival.[3] Accordin tae Zero Tolerance magazine, "the sound that Parabellum created was one of unprecedented nihilism, evil and extremity. [...] They were pioneers and sonic adventurers operating in a world of violence, squalor and geographical isolation."[4]

Members eedit

  • Cipriano Álvarez (drums)
  • John Jairo Gutiérrez (guitar)
  • Ramón Reinaldo Restrepo (vocals)
  • Carlos Mario Pérez ("La Bruja") (guitar)

Discography eedit

  • Sacrilegio (EP, Discos Fuentes, 1987)
  • Mutación por radiación (EP, Sonolux, 1988)
  • Tempus Mortis (compilation, Blasfemia, 2005)

References eedit

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