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Pape Urban II (Laitin: Urbanus II; c. 1042 – 29 Julie 1099), born Odo o Châtillon or Otho de Lagery,[1][2] wis pape frae 12 Mairch 1088 tae his daith in 1099. He is best kent for initiatin the First Crusade (1096–99) an settin up the modren-day Roman Curia in the manner o a ryal ecclesiastical coort tae help run the Kirk.[3]

Blessed Pape
Urban II
Urban II cropped.png
1630 portrait.
Installed 12 Mairch 1088
Term endit 29 Julie 1099
Predecessor Victor III
Successor Paschal II
Ordination C. 1068
Consecration 20 Julie 1085
Creatit Cardinal 1073
bi Gregory VII
Personal details
Birth name Odo o Châtillon
Born ca.1042
Lagery, Coonty o Champagne, Kinrick o Fraunce
Died (1099-07-29)29 Julie 1099
Roum, Papal States, Haly Roman Empire
Previous post
Feast day 29 July
Veneratit in Roman Catholic Kirk
Beatified 14 Julie 1881
bi Pape Leo XIII
Ither papes named Urban


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