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Blessed Pape Pius IX (Laitin: Pius IX; 13 Mey 1792 – 7 Februar 1878), born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, wis the heid o the Roman Catholic Kirk frae 16 Juin 1846 tae his daith in 1878. He wis the langest-reignin electit pape in the history o the Catholic Kirk — totallin nearly 32 years. During his pontificate, he convened the First Vatican Cooncil in 1869, which decreed papal infallibility, but the cooncil wis cut short in 1870.

Blessed Pape
Pius IX
Installed 16 Juin 1846
Term endit 7 Februar 1878
Predecessor Gregory XVI
Successor Leo XIII
Ordination 10 Aprile 1819
Consecration 3 Juin 1827
bi Pape Pius VIII
Creatit Cardinal 14 December 1840
bi Pape Gregory XVI
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Maria
Born 13 Mey 1792(1792-05-13)
Senigallia, Marche, Papal States
Died 7 Februar 1878(1878-02-07) (aged 85)
Apostolic Palace, Roum, Italy
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Feast day 7 Februar
Teetle as Saunt Blessed
Beatified 3 September 2000
Saunt Peter's Square, Vatican Ceety
bi Pape John Paul II
Ither papes named Pius