Pape Gregory III

Pape Gregory III (Laitin: Gregorius III; died 28 November 741) wis Bishop o Roum frae 11 Februar 731 tae his daith in 741.[2] His pontificate, lik that o his predecessor, wis disturbed bi the iconoclastic controversy in the Byzantine Empire, an bi the ongangin advance o the Lombards, in which he invoked the intervention o Charles Martel, awtho ultimately in vain. He wis the 5t Sirian pape an the 10t an last pape born ootside o Europe till the election o Pape Francis in 2013, which wis 1,272 year later.

Pape Saunt
Gregory III
Pope Gregory III.jpg
Installed11 February 731
Term endit28 November 741
PredecessorGregory II
Personal details
Birth nameGregorius
Bornca. 669
Died(741-11-28)28 November 741
Roum, Exarchate o Ravenna
Ither papes named Gregory


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