Panjshir Province

Panjshir (Persie: پنجشیر‎, literally "Five Lions", an aw spelled as Panjsher) is ane o the 34 provinces o Afghanistan. Containin the Panjshir Valley, in Aprile 2004 it wis creatit frae pairts o Parwan Province, which nou lees alang its soothwastren border.

Map o Afghanistan wi Panjshir heichlichtit

Panjshir province is renowned for haein niver been captured bi the Soviets durin their occupation in the 1980s, due tae its difficult terrain an the actions o mujahideen uneer Ahmad Shah Massoud. In recent years Panjshir wis ane o Afghanistan's maist secure provinces an haes not been subject tae the same level o violence an insurgency foond elsewhaur in the kintra.

In spring 2010, the lang-servin govrenor Haji Bahlol Bahij wis remuivit bi Preses Karzai an replacit wi Kiramuddin Keram.


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