The Palais Royal is a biggin in Paris. Originally biggit for Cardinal Richelieu to hoose his muckle art collection an wis cried the Palais Cardinal. It wis started in 1633 an wis completed in 1639. When Richelieu died in 1642 it wis left to the young Keeng Louis XIV who renamed it the Palais Royal. Eventually gave the king gave the property tae his younger brither Philippe o Fraunce, Duke o Orléans in 1692. Philippe's son Philippe, Duke o Orléans, Regent o Fraunce also lived here. The future Philippe Égalité also made some structural additions in honour o his 1769 mairiage tae Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon, Mademoiselle de Penthièvre. The future Keeng Louis Philippe I o the French wis born in the palais in 1773. Today the building became the home o the Conseil d'État (Council o State).

The Palais Cardinal (circa 1641)
The Palais Royal today.
Palais-Royal, Paris

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