Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity, mair specificallie Eestren Orthodoxie, or Byzantine Orthodoxie (seperate from Oriental Orthodoxie) is ane o th thrie mein branch o Christianity, alang wi Roman Catholicism an Protestantism. Akin tae the pentarchy o th first yeirthoosan, the meinstreem or canonical Eestren Orthodox Kirk is ordert intae autocephalous kirks separate frae ane an ither. I the 21t yeirhunner, the number o meinstreem autocephalous kirks in seeventein, as weel as some autcephalous kirks unrecognisit bi the meinstreem anes. Autocephalous kirks chuise ther ane primate, an can hae authoritie ower ither kirks, some o whilk hae the status o "autonomous" meanin that they hae mair autonomy than eparchies.

Moony o they jurisdictions hae correspondon territories o ane or mair modren states. For example the Patriarchate o Moscow corresponds tae Roushie an sum o the ither former Soviet states. they can also incluid metropolis', bishoprics, parishes, monasteries, or ootleein metochions whilk correspond o diasporas that can be locaitit ootwi the kintra whaur the primate is originally, sometimes they overlap.

The spreed o Eestren Orthodoxie begin i th'eestren area o the Mediterranean Basin wiïn Greek culture. Theis communities hae common unnerstaunin, teachin an offices o muckle seemilaritie, wi a strang sense o seein themsels as ane [kirk]. Everie Eestren Orthodox Christian sees his or her year full o the liturgical calendar o the kirk o which they depend. Eestren Orthodoxie hauds the beleif that the Holie Spirit proceeds frae the Faither an rejects the Filioque clause: "an the son", which wis addit tae the Nicene Creed bi the Laitin Kirk, o th groonds that nae cooncil wis cried apon fer th'addition.