Ooter space, aften cried juist space, refers tae the relatively empy regions o the universe ootside the atmospheres o celestial bodies. Ooter space is uised for tae disteenguish it frae airspace (an locations on the yird). Contrair tae popular unnerstandin, ooter space isna hailly empy (i.e. a perfect vacuum) but conteens a laich density o pairticles, maistlins hydrogen plasma, as weel as electromagnetic radiation. Hypothetically, it conteens daurk matter an daurk energy an aw.

The Inglis leid term "outer space" wis first recordit by H. G. Wells in 1901.[1] The shorter term space is actually aulder, bein first uised for tae mean the region ayont the Yird's lift in John Milton's Paradise Lost in 1667.[2]


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