OneAsia is a men's profeesional gowf tour based in the Asie-Paceefic region. The tour wis foundit in 2009 as a joint ventur atween the PGA Tour of Australasia, the China Golf Association, the Korean Golf Association an the Korean PGA. The Japan Golf Tour haes been invitit tae pairticipate in the project an co-sanctioned the 2012 Enjoy Jakarta Indonesia Open. OneAsia is a rival tae the langer established Asian Tour, with which it haes poor relations. In its first year, tournaments on the tour wur allocatit warld rankin points as if they wur PGA Tour of Australasia tournaments. Syne 2010, the tour haes haed warld rankin status in its awn richt.


In Januar 2009, it wis annooncit that thare wad be a new series o events athort the Asie-Paceefic region, tae be organisit bi the PGA of Australia in co-operation wi China Golf Association, the Japan Golf Tour, the Korean Golf Association an the Korean PGA. The aim o these events wad be tae raise the profile o profeesional gowf in the region, an compete wi the likes o the European Tour. The series wad initially comprise o sax events, three in Cheenae, twa in Australie an ane in Sooth Korea, wi plans tae expand in later years.[1][2][3]

The introduction o the OneAsia series wis no walcomit bi the Asian Tour.[4] Aw o the sax events annooncit for 2009 wur existin tournaments, including some already sanctioned bi the Asian Tour. Ane o them, the Pine Valley Beijing Open, wis cried aff a few weeks afore it wis due tae be held. The organisers offeecially attributit this decision tae the state o the course an a clash o dates wi The Players Championship on the PGA Tour, but some media commentators dismissed these raisons syne the tournament haed clashed wi the Players Championship the previous year as well, an attributit the cancellation tae sponsor discontent wi the sanctionin chynges.[5]

Follaein a meetin o the Official World Golf Rankings Committee at the Open Championship in Julie aw OneAsia events hae been awairdit Offeecial World Golf Ranking points.

Order of Merit winnersEedit

Year Winner Kintra Winnins (US$)
2012 Kim Bi-o   380,745
2011 Andre Stolz   464,812
2010 Liang Wen-Chong   560,737
2009 Scott Strange   505,784

The current Order of Merit leet is [1] here.


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