Nuclear pouer station

A nuclear power station or nuclear power plant is a thermal pouer station in which the heat soorce is a nuclear reactor. As is teepical o thermal pouer stations, heat is uised tae generate steam that drives a steam turbine connected tae a generator that produces electricity. As o 23 Apryle 2014, the IAEA report thare are 449 nuclear power reactors in operation[1] operating in 31 countries.[2]

Nuclear plants are uisually considered tae be base load stations syne fuel is a smaw pairt o the cost o production[3] an acause thay canna be easily or quickly dispatched. Thair operations an maintenance (O&M) an fuel costs are, alang wi hydropower stations, at the law end o the spectrum an mak them suitable as base-load pouer suppliers. The cost o spent fuel management, houiver, is somewhat uncertain.


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