Noumena is a melodic daith metal baund frae Finland. The baund's name comes frae the wird noumenon, a philosophical term uised bi Immanuel Kant. The baund consists o five members: vocalist Antti Haapanen, guitarists Tuukka Tuomela an Ville Lamminaho, bass guitarist Hannu Savolainen an drummer Ilkka Unnbom. Session member is female vocalist Suvi Uura.

OreiginÄhtäri, Finland
GenresMelodic daith metal
Years active1998−present
LabelsSpinefarm, Catharsis
MembersAntti Haapanen
Tuukka Tuomela
Ville Lamminaho
Hannu Savolainen
Ilkka Unnbom


Noumena wis foondit in Ähtäri, Finland in the ware o 1998. In 1999, efter twa demo tapes an several concerts, the baund wis gien a record deal wi a Singaporean record label. Their debut album wis recordit later that year at Astia Studio; however, the record label went bankrupt before the album wis released. It wasna until late 2001 that an Australien label, Catharsis Records, agreed tae release the album, gien the title Pride/Fall.

The following years wur unproductive, until, in Januar 2004, Noumena released a fower-track promo. This wis moderately successful an led tae a deal wi Spikefarm Records. The baund spent the next October an November makin their seicont album, Absence, which wis released Aprile 13, 2005.

Muisical styleEedit

The roots o Noumena's muisic may be foond in the Scandinavian daith metal tradition and 1980s hivy metal.



  • Pride/Fall (2001)
  • Absence (2005)
  • Anatomy of Life (2006)
  • Death Walks With Me (2013)
  • Myrrys (2017)
  • Anima (2020)


  • Triumph and Loss (2006) (digital release anerlie)

Demos an PromosEedit

  • Aeons (1998)
  • For the Fragile One (1999)
  • Promo 2000
  • Sala
  • The Tempter (2004)


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