Norwich City F.C.

(Reguidit frae Norwich Ceety F.C.)

Norwich City Football Club (pronounced /ˈnɒrɪdʒ ˈsɪti/ (deprecatit template)) (kent as The Canaries or "The Yellows" an aw) is an Inglis profeesional fitba club based in Norwich, Norfolk.

Norwich City F.C.
Full nameNorwich City Football Club
Nickname(s)The Canaries, Yellows, The Citizens (Pre-1907) Green Army
Foondit17 Juin 1902; 121 years ago (1902-06-17)
GroundCarrow Road, Norwich
Ground Capacity27,244[1]
ChairmanEd Balls
ManagerDaniel Farke
2022–23Championship, 13t o 24
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Current saison

Norwich are currently memmers o the Fitbaa League Championship, itherwise kent as The Championship, haein been Promoted frae the League One as Champions in the 2009-10 saison. Norwich Ceety wur relegatit tae League One unner Bryan Gunn in the 2008-2009 saison for the first time in 50 year. Thay wur foonder members o the Premier League in 1992–93, an played in its first three seasons, reachin the UEFA Cup 3rd Roond, returning for ane saison in 2004–05. Thay first wan promotion tae the Fitbaa League First Division in 1972, an hae played a tot o 21 saisons in the tap flicht, wi a langest conteenous spell o nine saisons. Norwich hae wan the League Cup twice, in 1962 an 1985.

The club wis foondit in 1902. Syne 1935, Norwich hae played thair hame gemmes at Carrow Road an hae a lang-staundin an fierce rivalry wi East Anglie neebours Ipswich Town, wi whom thay hae contestit the East Anglie derby 137 times, winnin 51 syne 1902.



Norwich Ceety hae wan a nummer o honours, includin the follaein:

Honour Year(s)
Seicont tier Champions 1971–72, 1985–86, 2003–04
Third tier Champions 1933–34, 2009–10
Third tier Runners Up 1959–60
League Cup Winners 1962, 1985
League Cup Runners Up 1973, 1975

Friendship Trophy


Each time thay meet, Norwich an Sunderland contest the Friendship Trophy, an honour datin back tae the camaraderie forged atween fans o the twa clubs at the time o the 1985 League Cup final that thay contested. Sunderland ar the current holders o the cup, haein defeatit Norwich 4–1 on 24 August 2009.


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